SommelYeah Box Bubbles



SommelYeah Box Bubbles – No. 1

Can you taste which bubble is the Champagne? Is it your favourite? Atleast one of the bottles is a champagne, the rest is bubble wine, for example Sekt, Cava, Prosecco, Cremant etc.

What’s in a SommelYeah Box?

A blind tasting game. You’ll receive a wooden Box with three wines, which are packed in linnen bags. This way you will not be able to see what the shape of the bottle is and no text will be readable. The top of the bottle will be sealed and the three wines will be marked with an A, B and C.

You’ll also find tastingforms and an explanation how it works. You can play it with 1 person, but the more the merrier. Since it is a wine tasting game, you can play it with 16 people as well, depending on how nicely you pour the wine.

After tasting the wines and making notes, you can play an online quiz simultaneously, and finally, after the quiz, you can open the envelop around the bottle neck for more information on the wine.


It is possible to receive an email when we recieve new Boxes, this way you can order in time. We use several wines in our Boxes and some are limited in availability. Please email us at and you’ll be the first to know, when we have a new SommelYeah Box available.

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Weight 6 kg